Recruiting in Hungary

Márton Illésevents, Hungary, Youth

Between the 24th September and 4th October we organized all together 5 recruiting events in Miskolc, Hatvan and Budapest, where almost 80 youngs people got informed about the program, and had the opportunity to try out some of the competence development trainings they can choose to attend afterwards.

In Miskolc on the 24th September with the leading of the local mentors have been realized a 3 hour long rescruting event. The participants saw a short video about the activities have been realized during the summer, and afterwards a slam poetry performance of a local youngster has been presented. The youngsters had opportunity to try out two of the three ‘tasting’ competence development trainings and finally participated in group competitions led by young volunteers.

On the 27th an other event has been realized in Hatvan by the local mentor and leader where the youngs got basic information about the program and tried out two compentence development trainings one of them using dramapedagogy meanwhile the other one working with poetry and music.

In Budapest there where three afternoons on the 1st, 2nd and 4th October when young people participated on different competence development trainings meanwhile they got information about the program and also where able to cook and eat together. This event was also realized by the local mentors.

After the recruting events the youngsters can give feed back on the ‘tasting’ training according to them our colleagues will fix the development processes of the next half year – as in this project we reflect on the personal needs of the participants, who get development and mentoring meanwhile they become members of active groups of their peers.




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