Studytrip in Hungary

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The manager and the mentors of the international project Find your way to the world of work from Romania had the possibility to take part in a two-day professional consultation in Hungary, hosted by the project coordinator Autonomia Foundation.

On the first day, the participants met the project manager and the mentors from Budapest from the Autonomia in form of a roundtable. The aim of the meeting was getting to know each other and to formulate professional experiences, results, failures, exchange of views, and also to recognize further possibilities in their work. The validity of the conversation lied in the realization of aspects which were uncertain till now, and in having a clear point of view. The usefulness, on the other hand, lied in extending the ideas that help the effectiveness of our work.

It was useful to see the Hungarian situation, to discover the differences and at the same time the strengths. They had the opportunity to participate in a group counseling program where they and the group members could try out various interactive activities.

On the second day, the professionals traveled to Hatvan, where they also met with a youth mentor. To their surprise, the teenagers welcomed them with a small performance. Subsequently, the team gained new information through an open discussion.

In Miskolc, the Transylvanian mentors were welcomed by three mentors and their coordinator who organized a school visit: the principal presented the aim, mission and the operating principles of the school. In addition, as part of a youth group activity, our mentors were able to meet the local teens and participate in a number of activities.

It was a motivating and uplifting experience to see the partners’ counseling process, but it was also kind of a team-building, as the mentors rarely meet. Good work requires a good team and cooperation. Knowing their strengths and ideas, the mentors tried to expand their plans and increase their efficiency.

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