Professional Skills Week

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High school students from High School of Chemical and Food Technology, town of Pazardzhik most of them participants in “Find your way to the world of work project” 2017-1-027 funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment  have celebrated the European week of professional skills. Students presented and demonstrated knowledge and professional skills acquired at the school in specialties such as „Cellulose, paper and packaging technology“, “Technology of pharmaceutical and perfumery – cosmetic products”.

Under the guidance of their teacher, engineer Eli Shopova, 11th grade students  had a presentation on “Corrugated cardboard – the packaging of the future”. Using the devices in the laboratory for cellulose, paper and packaging technology, the students analysed the quality of corrugated cardboard.

Under the supervision of her schoolteacher, the 11th grade student Irina Yordanova made a presentation on “Waste water treatment”.  A Bulletin board and a photo album were prepared especially on this topic.

Eleven grade students in “Technology of pharmaceutical and perfumery – cosmetic products” joined in demonstrating skills and competence in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They presented how the content of active substances in some of the mostly used pharmaceutical  and cosmetic products is determined.

Guests at the event were two regional companies, leaders in their fields – DS Smith Packaging – a leading packaging company and Mondi Stambolijski PLC, leader in packaging and paper.

In just a few hours, the students from High School of Chemical and Food Technology, town of Pazardzhik were able to convince the audience that they are very motivated and passionate of  what they are learning at school, and that the efforts of their teachers and supporters as Arete Youth Foundation are not in vain. They are diligently preparing for the labor market and will certainly find their professional implementation. We are happy to have the opportunity to mentor and work  with these young people helping them find their way to the world of work.

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