Creative summer

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In Hungary during the summer we realized two camps for the young people participating in the project for more months. In both camps 19-20 youngsters participated, who took part in intensive creative workshops, in the frames of which they planned and realized together creative actions. This way they were able to experience the joy and success of cooperative work, and were able to develop their working competences and gain awareness regarding them.

In one of the camps half of the youngsters created de lux buffet for the others including dishes with personal messages, meanwhile the other group composed a song focusing on how you can overcome your failures and gain power from them. In the second group we imitated that all participants are colleagues of a creative company, which has a video and a music department. The company received an order, and the two teams had to create a video clip focusing on a topic, which was specified in the order. The creative creations ensured space for ideas and strengths of the participants, meanwhile also faced them the challenges of procedures, the stress of deadlines and the importance of cooperative approaches.

The participants of the camps developed their skills, experienced a joyful and successful way of working, which inspired them to look for enjoyable and suitable jobs for them in real life, too, and made them more conscious about their strengths and weaknesses regarding competences needed in employment.


The videos/songs created in the camps you can see below:

Video about the first camp:

Song created in the first camp:

Video clip created in the second camp:

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