The services provided by the program will be fine-tuned after local needs assessment, in partnership with our partners.

Mentoring for young people

we offer mentoring for all three subgroups of young people in personal or group form with motivational, skill development, and career orientation goals.

Skill developments

to promote youth empowerment and the development of relevant skills and self-knowledge in education and the labour market through experience-based community programs.

Labour market training

practice-oriented development focusing on the steps and tools of the job search and selection process in order to be able to successfully apply for relevant jobs

Vocational training

participants may take part in vocational trainings in the most appropriate and marketable professions

User IT training

we provide these trainings for motivated young people to meet the needs of the participants and employers.

Foreign language training

for participants whose foreign language skills are key to their success in the labour market.

Trainings and workshops offered for employers and schools

will be based on the needs of the participants, in order to gain effective practical tools for institutional cooperation and the integration of disadvantaged young people, for developing partnerships that facilitate this process.