The partner organizations

Autonomia Foundation

– Hungary –

Autonomia Foundation is the lead partner of the program, has more than two decades of experience in the development and empowerment of disadvantaged young people. The bridging of disadvantaged candidates and quality job offers has been successfully supported for five years.

We have ensured training for more than 200 young people cooperated with more than a dozen big companies and contributed to more than 60 successful applications of the youngsters for open positions. We have been working in disadvantaged regions, towns and villages for decades, where – among other development activities – we many times ensured competence development trainings for disadvantaged youngsters. We have also experience working with schools and reflecting on the demands of educational institutions and employers, too.

Alba Iulia

– Romania –

Caritas Alba Iulia (Romania) is a non-profit charity organization of public utility with licensed social services founded in 1990 by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Alba Iulia. Today with 610 colleagues, 443 volunteers and in collaboration with 123 municipalities, Caritas provides complex social services for 25.000 people in need. The mission of Caritas Alba Iulia is to promote charity and social justice, while being rooted in the Christian faith and order of values.

Activities: healthcare and social assistance at home, elderly care, embracing children and youngsters, supporting people with disabilities, roma integration, training programs, volunteering, rural development, social economy.

Aims: reintegration of the poor and marginalized into society regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender or political opinion; to develop local communities by empowerment and support; to cooperate with local, regional and national authorities and organizations in order to tackle social issues; to ensure qualified and motivated professionals and volunteers; to advocate for human dignity of each person.

Fundación Secretariado Gitano – FSG

– Spain –

Fundación Secretariado Gitano – FSG (Spain) works for the integral promotion of the Roma community based on respect and support for their cultural identity. We seek to guarantee the access of Roma to rights, services, goods and social resources on an equal footing with the rest of the citizens.
We have a offices throughout the country and we are present in 77 cities and towns in Spain.

We have almost 20 years of experience managing ESF funded projects for Roma inclusion in the field of employment and education. Some of our programmes (Acceder and Promociona) have been recognised as “Best Practices” by several European and Spanish institutions.

Acceder is one of the most effective employment programmes with the greatest impact on the socio-labour inclusion of Roma. Between 2000 and 2017, 98,864 people have taken part in this programme and 74,792 labour contracts have been signed. During the academic year 2017-2018 81% of students taking part in the Promociona programme were able to finish secondary school and 87% proceeded to post compulsory education.

Arete Youth Foundation – AYF

– Bulgaria –

Arete Youth Foundation – AYF (Bulgaria) supports high-potential youth who are limited by social and economic barriers in Bulgaria. Through its programs, the foundation helps build sustainable social networks that encourage educational pursuits, instill a culture of giving back and promote mentorship.

Employment of high potential Roma youth has been one of the AYF`s priorities since the inception of the foundation in Bulgaria in 2010. AYF has launched the first ever Roma Professional Network (RPN) to empower and foster labor integration of highly educated and motivated Roma youth. The Roma Professional Network offered opportunities for career development through career counseling, soft skills trainings and Blitz interviews events, paid internships in leading companies and career mentorship.

More than 250 Roma youth countrywide have passed soft skills trainings and support for their job application packages. Since 2014 the foundation has secured job, internship or temporary work for 74 Roma youth. The Network also provides a platform for its 864 current Facebook members to network with each other, share information on job opportunities and address issues impacting the Roma community in the workforce.

for Social Achievement – TSA

– Bulgaria –

Trust for Social Achievement – TSA (Bulgaria) is a partner organization with extensive experience in the area of economic self-sufficiency and sustainable employment among economically disadvantage communities in Bulgaria.

TSA employs a practical approach that links low-income communities with job opportunities. This includes establishing partnerships with private businesses in Bulgaria and providing on-the- job training, soft skills, mentoring, and other support to help at-risk populations become more competitive on the job market and to provide beneficiaries with opportunities for long-term employment. A vivid example is a cash-voucher program for employers, which aims to provide financial support low to middle-set skilled Roma to enter the private sector and get training on the job or any other type of ongoing support to ensure sustained employment.

For the past 7 years TSA has supported of job readiness projects for young Roma throughout the country, thereby reaching more than 8 000 direct beneficiaries.